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Welcome to the Archive.

This archive is what officially remains of VectorStar Networks.

"VSN" (as it was often called) was a project that started with the idea that people instinctively need and will build communities where communities are needed. VSN was intended as an open place for people to develop their own ad-hoc online communities. It was hoped that this organic community growth model would become an adaptive environment that would grow into a phenomenon well beyond the control of its creators.

VSN's key assumption was that adequate online communities did not exist, and that people would build their own. Well, they did - just not on VectorStar! Sites like LiveJournal, Facebook and Myspace came to define and dominate the concept of online communities.

In practice, a number of online communities emerged. Many of them interacted quite beautifully. Eventually the more complex groups moved on to other hosting services. Overall it could be said that the VSN project was a partial success.