Mission Statement

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Created and run by engineers and programmers who spend their day-jobs in the computer industry, our goal is to provide the quality of internet service that for-profit businesses have failed to provide.

So-called "Hosting Communities" leave a lot to be desired. They cover users' webpages with advertisements, sell their information (particularly their email addresses) off to mass-marketers, and excel at ruining the sort of trust expected from a "Community". It's clear that whoever is behind these systems wasn't involved in the early growth of the internet and has taken for granted its free nature. The internet became free-natured because people made it that way through their own contributions, whether it be on newsgroups, IRC channels, forums, or any other means. None of this MySpace type crap, where they give you a free account so they can sell you every new song and show you advertisement after advertisement. With VectorStar Networks, our contribution to the internet, we hope to bring a little bit of authenticity back into the idea of internet communities.

Our web services have no advertisements. Our email has no tagline ads. We don't give out or sell our users' email adresses, for any price. Rather than locking users into proprietary tools, we strive to deliver open-ended services that can interoperate with practically any software - from email clients and mail filters to web scripting and website management tools.

Last but certainly not least, we want to provide an environment in which you can learn things new and old about standards-compliant technology. We run many varieties of UNIX servers, all interconnected, all cooperating with each other. We use standard, open technologies, and promote the use and advancement of Open Source and Free software, standards, and protocols.