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Server crash... 2002-01-13 15:25:00
by lmbedore
We crashed at 4:37am last night. Looks like it was a kernel bug. Yay, go Linux. I'm getting tired of the consistent design errors in Linux.

For those of you who care, Kernel 2.4.14 has got some sort of VM system bugs that cause crashes. 2.4.17 has RAM leaks like crazy, but I guess we're going to use it anyways.

Re: Server crash... 2002-01-13 15:48:17
by stale
It's a shame OpenBSD has that 8 character username limit and no SMP support.
Re: Server crash... 2002-01-13 20:45:59
by toby
Use the kernel 2.2.20. Forget that 2.4.* crap! It is ridiculous that a decent kernel hasn't been released this late in the 2.4 series.
Re: Server crash... 2002-01-14 00:13:37
by lmbedore
OpenBSD changed their username behavior as of 2.9 to support long usernames... the lack of SMP is seriously troubling, though.

I have some serious trust issues with 2.2.20. design implementations that haven't been fixed because 2.2.x is deprecated. due to the nature of our service (public), we also need to keep atop bleeding-edge kernels simply for the sake of avoiding kernel-level security holes. sad, but true.

Oddly enough, I'm not seeing the RAM leak trouble with 2.4.17 that I've seen in the past... It's only been up 9 hours, but it's still "surprisingly" clean.
Re: Server crash... 2002-01-14 10:05:06
by stale
Laird, antipathy has given me absolutely no problems with RAM leaks on 2.4.17. I'm also using the most basic kernel config though, considering antipathy's hardware and all.