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Website Stats reset... 2001-12-17 11:43:04
by lmbedore
Hey everyone. I reset the website stats, in conjunction with changing the way they're stored. During the next few days, the stats should be pretty erratic.

This new stats method should be nearly permanent. It fixes a file resource inefficiency (we would previously use between 7000 and 15,000 filehandles during busy times.... we're now using between 700-1000) that was plaguing us for quite some time. Our resource limitation on this issue is now disk space. Based on current trends, we should be able to handle 5000 users before needing to upgrade/reorganize the drives in Apathy.

Re: Website Stats reset... 2001-12-18 20:26:02
by Joshua Lewis
Nothing to say really... just felt like it would be so very usual to comment on the news. The bad news is I have no comment on this news, other than it sounds like good news.