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Rapid Expansion 2001-11-29 15:08:59
by jdaunt
Vectorstar Networks is expanding faster than I can count (which isn't hard :) ). In less than a month, we have added an additional 100 users to our system, which included 13 today alone (and it is only 3:00pm EST).
Hopefully we will continue to grow, so Vectorstar can provide even more great content and service to the Internet community.

Re: Rapid Expansion 2001-11-29 17:27:51
by lights01
Hey, Ok well can i ask something then. I have Lost my password. and i need to get into my account or make a new one. I have tryed to make a new one but it wont let me so cause you please e-mail me my password to the e-mail address that was used to sign up for and thankyou i really need to use my account
Re: Rapid Expansion 2001-11-29 19:45:34
by sirius crackhoe
Are you fucking retarded?
Re: Rapid Expansion 2001-11-29 21:36:13
by lights01
Nope just forgoten my password
Re: Rapid Expansion 2001-11-29 23:18:50
by sirius crackhoe
1) Remove head from anus
2) Click on "Contact Us" on the left hand side of your screen
3) Click on "Frank, the user administration guy"
4) Tell Frank, "I can't read, I eat paste and I need my password"
Repeat as needed.
Re: Rapid Expansion 2001-11-30 09:52:49
by lmbedore
Back to being on-topic, i hope...

From the beginning of August to the End of January (6 months), our userbase, based on current amount of signups, will have gone from under 200 to over 1000. That's a five-fold growth in six months.

Expanding five-fold in any amount of time, be it six months or six years, requires upgrades and investments. We need to beef up our servers, spread out services, and somehow pay for this stuff. We need two DNS servers, two or more applications servers, and one, preferrably two (for redundancy) file servers. Even if we carved these machines out of swiss cheese, it's going to cost us thousands of dollars (estimating $5000) to do this. Due to this, we're going to start offering additional services for pay in the near-ish future.

Services like what? Shell access and extra filespace, for starters. Shell services will be strict, not as open as they have been in the past.

If there is a service we do not offer that you would consider paying for if we offered it, let us know. We are looking to add a LOT of capability into the VectorStar Network.
Re: Rapid Expansion 2001-11-30 11:19:22
by stale
I'd like to thank sirius for his/her exact and proper directions to users who have lost their password.