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Little Stuff... 2001-11-15 16:52:53
by lmbedore
The Voting Booth attachment on the left side was a fun little project. Hopefully it'll make the voting booth a little more active. I'm working up the design for a new User Management system - an interactive place where you can manage your own account.

I actually got around to making the Donations page. We're also working on making T-shirts to sell, so you can be adorned with some stylin' threads.

Re: Little Stuff... 2001-11-15 17:05:33
by stale
I dunno about $5 for shell access, but your sister on the other hand...
Re: Little Stuff... 2001-11-15 21:04:07
by geek
Hey i cant get the side panel on the main page of vectorstar it just doesnt load
Re: Little Stuff... 2001-11-16 08:13:01
by lmbedore
I've tested the left bar in every conceivable browser possible (Netscape, IE, Mozilla, Konqueror, links, lynx), so if it's not playing nice, just try refreshing it.

Frank: You should keep your tab down on that $5 gimmick, bro! Best watch y0 debts!
Re: Little Stuff... 2001-11-16 11:58:21
by stale
Between the $5 charge and the $10 copay at the clinic, I'm pretty strapped.
Re: Little Stuff... 2001-11-19 17:12:40
by Anonymous
i can keep clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking.
Re: Little Stuff... 2001-11-21 11:27:26
by Anonymous
You're not alone. Check out thier service agreement.. Quite freakin' long!
Re: Little Stuff... 2001-11-26 01:02:29
by vahman