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Account abuse 2001-11-14 18:27:46
by lmbedore
Apparently many of our users don't think we're serious enough about account abuse, so I'll make this information public. The following accounts have been removed today due to violation of the "no shell access" rule:
  • sdexter
  • coba1
  • ancu (duplicate of coba1)
  • primed
  • mikko
  • webdude (duplicate of mikko)
Users who violate our rules will not be tolerated at all. Period.

Re: Account abuse 2001-11-15 11:36:24
by stale
In addition to having your accounts removed, I will personally homosex your website.
Re: Account abuse 2001-11-15 15:14:24
by lmbedore
'homosex' (verb) is a registered trademark of Frank Consoli. No harassment reserved.