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An outage today... 2001-11-02 18:15:06
by lmbedore
We had some sort of power-related outage today for a while. Our primary DNS is still down, and we're functioning only on our backup DNS - that's why VectorStar is responding slowly right now. Makes me glad that I kept the secondary DNS off-site. :)

Things will return to normal at a time in life. Thanks! :)

Vector Star Closing Down ! 2001-11-05 02:11:14
by John
i heard a that vectorstar will be closing down @ the end of the year? is this true? if it is i would like to know so i can see if i should regester or not
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-05 08:31:45
by jdaunt
If it is that is a suprise to me. Vectorstar will not be closing down the end of this year, unless Laird decides to pawn off the servers to buy beer.
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-05 09:22:47
by bobshoe
Actually I heard he was going to trade them in for some Mexican houseboys.
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-05 14:31:12
by soepnel
mmm, i heard that too, rumors abound eh? theres a thread here
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-05 14:56:21
by jdaunt
I think all this talk is great. I wish people would inform me that we are shutting down. I can use apathy as a workstation :).
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-05 15:06:04
by stale
Jason, are you sure you wouldn't rather lube up a rubber glove and use apathy for sexual gratification? I wish someone would've told me that the network was going down. I just don't feel like part of the team anymore.
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-05 19:47:08
by lmbedore
First off, I'd like to make it wonderfully clear that we're not going down anytime in the foreseeable future. Considering that I'm a lunatic about the foreseeable future spanning a great distance of time, I'd speculate that there's a 0% chance of us shutting down in the next year, and probably a 0.5% chance of us going down in 2003.'s domain name was slated to expire on Nov 7, 2001, but I renewed it many months ago.

Frank: The network's been going down (on you) ever since you built that serial interface to the vacuum cleaner. We figured you were the one who 'brought it down'!
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-08 10:40:56
by stale
I brought it down in a BIG way. I had that damn dual xeon by the hair and I was like, "Take it! Take it nasty!"
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-10 22:07:26
by forge
i thought that was your girlfriend, not the dual xeon...
Re: An outage today... 2001-11-12 00:11:33
by marasmus
Same thing...

That also explains why the screwmounts for the heatsink were stripped on the second Xeon 400 chip in Chester. Those little fine thread screws just don't quite fit anymore.