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BUGS! fixed in Signup system 2001-10-13 17:18:04
by lmbedore
Okay, so I'm not the SQL wizard. I had a couple small bugs in the signup system, like not being able to use apostrophes in your name. That should be fixed now. Glee.

Re: BUGS! fixed in Signup system 2001-10-14 15:09:26
by splovell
BUGS! Good ridence to bad rubish. Good on ya Laird!
Re: BUGS! fixed in Signup system 2001-10-15 04:44:14
by splovell
Huh? Why does it say I'm an "(Unregistered User)"? I have my site at I'm filling in my username and password correctly on these forms.
Re: BUGS! fixed in Signup system 2001-10-15 12:28:12
by lmbedore
The message board system is separate from VectorStar Networks' user system. Each message board can have its own registered users, and can choose whether they want to allow unregistered/anonymous posting or not. :)

Since this is VectorStar's official news board, only the admins have registered accounts. :)

I've been playing with the idea of automatically making all users members of the messageboard, but haven't quite worked out the excessive amount of hacked-up perl->SQL I'd need to make it happen.