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New User Signups 2001-10-11 13:03:55
by lmbedore
Okay, Okay. We're allowing new user signups again! Rejoice and be merry!

Re: New User Signups 2001-10-11 14:04:24
by Stephen
Yippppppppy! I have a little feeling this is just for me. Thanks!!! I've now signed-up just need the password. I should be at soon. I'm gland about this I suggested to my friends that I would proberly get my site online this week. P.S. What is the resion for it saying "Click here, slick" When going to the sign-up page?
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-11 14:26:01
by Stephen
I don't know whether or not you know what e-mail address I enter but if you do you would have noticed I use hotmail. Me, my mum and a friend use hotmail. Hotmail does not give any of us ANY junk mail. You only get junk mail if you ask for it. I had to use my sisters address to sign-up.
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-11 14:53:49
by stale
Stephen, crystal meth is bad. Calm down.
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-11 20:03:51
by bobshoe
That is one fucked up bitch!
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-12 00:47:00
by lmbedore
the "Click Here, slick" thing is what happens when i need to redirect from "index.html" to "signup.cgi" and it's about 3 in the morning. I put wierd stuff in my HTML and my code when i'm tired. :)

Hotmail can still eat me... and our signup system doesn't accept mail addresses from hotmail or other major free hosting providers. We know that practically everyone has a valid email address with their ISP, and if they're using a free ISP that doesn't offer mail, they've probably got enough stuff for free already.
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-12 02:55:40
by Stephen
I understand I just wanted to point out that hotmail dosen't give me junk mail. Frank, could you please explaine what "crystal meth" is? I hope bobshoe isn't talking to me. I abore bad language. I guess I'll just lay low and I DID SIGN-UP I just wanted to tell you this so that you know whether or not your re-instated sign-up system is working properly. I'm a Great British resident. P.S. I live on free things.
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-12 08:22:37
by bobshoe
Ask your mom what crystal meth is... trust me, she'll know.
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-12 09:05:33
by jdaunt
Makes you think about allowing new signups. Do you get the Crystal Meth for free? Hotmail is like a web based email system at UPARC.
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-12 13:02:49
by splovell
I've uploaded my site and I have had enough of these comments. I'm going to use the little cross in the top right hand corner if any more bad comments appear. I'm only twelve KNOCK IT OFF!!
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-12 14:04:21
by stale
Splovell, I understand your distaste for poor language, but wouldn't it be easiest to just not read the news posts if they offend you?
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-12 19:05:13
by lmbedore
Aight frank, shut up. :) you're done :)

1. Crystal Meth is a synthetic drug. Short for "crystalline methanthetamines". in other words, some seriously strong speed. Crystal Meth is bad.

I think this kinda crap fits better on the message board (hint hint!) anyways...
Re: New User Signups 2001-10-13 03:36:50
by splovell
Frank, didn't I say I would quit reading these comments if any more bad language appear? O.k. Laird thanks.