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Server Reboot 2001-10-11 00:46:34
by vahman
Vectorstar's servers were rebooted tonight for RAM and other various hardware upgrades. Apathy is now running on 512 Megs of Crucial ECC SDRAM. Very nice setup. We will need to reboot Apathy again sometime in the near future to install his hardc0re RAID card.

If anyone is still trying to FTP to, make sure in the future you use

We are in the process of researching 1U rackmount servers to handle DNS services. That should be a fun little project.

Re: Server Reboot 2001-10-11 03:52:06
by Stephen
Now you're getting somewhere, but you are still not excepting new sign-ups. Hurry up! I can't wait.
Re: Server Reboot 2001-10-11 10:09:55
by stale
Stephen, has it occured to you that you might be annoying the piss out of the admins? Knock it off.
Re: Server Reboot 2001-10-11 10:33:28
by Stephen
Sorrrrrry I didn't relize you were touchey. But pleeasse let me sign-up as a new user later on? I'll wait O.K.?
Re: Server Reboot 2001-10-12 13:48:08
by susie
Please let me sign up..I'll give anyone a blow job if they would just let me use Vectorstar! I need it, I want it, I crave it, I'll do anything!