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Days of no DNS! 2001-09-26 17:22:39
by lmbedore
Yep, we had a few days there of no DNS. Verizon still couldn't come through with DSL, and Network Solutions was getting screwy about their DNS change procedure. We moved the servers on Sunday morning, and I finally got Network Solutions' problems sorted out last night.

I'm really glad we're back, and on a new provider! Expect to see VERY increased reliability now that we are off of DSL and on a T-1!

We'll be allowing new signups in a week or so.

Re: Days of no DNS! 2001-09-26 17:27:51
by lmbedore
and damn! This T-1 is faster than a tic-tac. i've got like a 30ms ping from this IBM facility in virginia i'm at. rippin'.
Re: Days of no DNS! 2001-09-27 11:08:07
by bobshoe
Re: Days of no DNS! 2001-09-28 14:48:37
by Pogo
Fuck ya ^_^
Re: Days of no DNS! 2001-09-28 21:36:50
by bobshoe
... not with a stolen dick! :)
problem though 2001-10-04 21:30:51
by nonsense
while the speed is good I can't upload things to my FTP sometimes? I already messaged about it and they said i used all my space. Well then I deleted hella stuff and i still couldn't upload a 5kb file. So they gave me more room. It worked fine until now. Now I can't upload stuff anymore...? maybe someone could help? thanx.
Re: Days of no DNS! 2001-10-07 22:33:33
by ©omputerGÍÍK
im still waiting for signups to open again!!! i heard the service is Very good, and it looks good already! the best bit about it is that it is FREE !!! Thanks Heaps Vectorstar!
Re: Days of no DNS! 2001-10-08 04:12:24
by Stephen
I can't wait for VectorStar to be accepting new signups. I first went with then with but both wanted me to have adverts on my site. I think this might be the only one out there that dosen't have adverts. Once I can join up I will! Keep it up VectorStar!