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Mail Server Not yet updating... :( 2000-08-18 20:28:00
by lmbedore
Well, much to my demise (and lack of RTFM'ing), OpenBSD does not support usernames longer than 8 characters. Due to this, the mail server isn't going to be our little sparc after all. Well, at least not yet... :) At some point in time I'm going to migrate all usernames back to 8 characters or less and establish email aliases for everyone, since I'd eventually like to move the main servers to OpenBSD. sure, slackware linux is great, but OpenBSD is just SO entirely pimp, secure, and solidly documented that I can't help but prefer it for servers.

Sorry for all the hassle about changing mail this and that blah blah blah. will still be active and should be used to point your mail clients at us, so you don't need to make any more changes. I just wanted to let you know that all this great fun mail stuff will have to wait for a little bit.