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The last 2 days... 2001-09-20 16:05:27
by lmbedore
The reason why our website has been down for the last two days has been because our ISP was blocking port 80 in order to deflect flood traffic from the Nimda virus.

There will probably still be some flooding and network overload while people clean themselves of this extremely annoying virus.

Re: The last 2 days... 2001-09-20 17:16:10
by Anonymous
people need to stop writing gay virii. Infact, they should just cut it out entirely.
Re: The last 2 days... 2001-09-21 15:10:49
by lmbedore
I think ISPs should fix their routers and stop oversubscribing, because it's pathetic when their OC/3 can be taken down from this virus when my ENTIRE LAN at work was infected, and our puny T1 on a little Cisco 2610 didn't even blink.

Laird's how-to-fix-your-jip-ass-ISP-downtime howto:

Step 1: Fix your Virtual Circuit multiplexing broadcast. Turn off ALL broadcast on IP subnets which span multiple VCI's.
Step 2: Don't run an OC/3 handling god-knows-how-many DSL customers on anything less than a Cisco 7505 with an RSP/2 module (or two!) and 256mb+ cache.
Step 3: Block port-80 traffic per-VCI, by creating a Filtering RuleSet specific to each type of DSL service offered. When provisioning DSL, specify which RuleSet should be used for that VCI. That way, port-80 isn't blocked for those of us w/ business DSL. If your router can't handle the influx when a virus hits, see Step 2.
Re: The last 2 days... 2001-09-21 17:52:02
by Anonymous
Hahaha. step 4: Give router to da pogo. Wait he ownseses two. :)