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New nightmares with DSL Service. 2001-09-12 14:01:33
by lmbedore
Verizon has made our lives hell once more. We moved into our new apartment on Sept. 7th and 8th. On the 7th, I had a long conversation with a Verizon line technician who was at the complex, installing DSL for another tenant. Apparently there are approximately 50 tenants with DSL service in the complex (so it's not like it's not available). However, our line is supposedly connected through too many bridge taps in order to have DSL service installed.

Quick history: About a month ago I put in the work order to have the phone line installed. I was first given a phone number with a 448- prefix. About a week and a half before installation, I was given a new number with a 726- prefix. This could possibly have something to do with this.

I've also talked to a few Verizon employees and verified that the entire area is served by one large, very up-to-date Central Office, pushing a large number of RSU's. All these RSU's are very up-to-date and support DSL. However, there is some line congestion in areas and some areas still have a large number of bridge taps (generally considered "old" technology).

The apartment complex was build in 1998 and has a very large number of DSL users. (by the way, we can't get cable modem service due to a private cable contract in the complex) It's a VERY nice facility and has all brand-new phone equipment. The circuit requirements (number of lines, pairs, etc needed) were known from the beginning of construction and were never substantially changed (perhaps +/- 5 10 phone lines, but that's not much when you're talking about ~1000 line pairs). There is no reasonable explaination for any of these lines running through excessive bridge taps, as the CO, RSU's, and premise equipment is all quite new.

I've been in contact with all tiers of Verizon Online's (they handle the DSL order) sales department, and have been in contact throughout the chain of command for Verizon's local phone service. I have talked to the CO supervisor and am currently waiting for news back from him about this situation.

Right now it's expected that DSL will not be installed by the time it must be removed from our old residence. There may be significant downtime for VectorStar from the end of the month on forward.

Re: New nightmares with DSL Service. 2001-09-12 15:15:12
by lmbedore
I have been officially instructed by the CO that they do not have the authority to make line changes (removing/bypassing bridge taps) and that I must have the Verizon Online department file the order to do so. However, Verizon Online is a separate company and the FCC requires that they are not affiliated at all with the phone company (except by name), so they can't file that sort of order.

As per my 3rd representative and 2nd manager at Verizon Online, they finally at least filed the order to get DSL installed. They claim we're at a 14,800 ft distance from the CO, which is not congruent with either information I got from a line tech on-site on Friday, the 7th, or with the provisioning speeds available.

I have been given the Executive Grievance line in order to follow up and push some top-down response on the phone company. They will certainly hear from me immediately regarding this finger-pointing excercise.
Re: New nightmares with DSL Service. 2001-09-20 11:10:06
by lmbedore
I don't even have words for the kind of shit i've been through in the last few days. I've been completely denied help from numerous departments, promised calls back from half a dozen people (none of whom have called back, including CO supervisors), told that my ISP has not provided the circuit information (which they have, AND I have). You name it, i've seen it and heard it. I'm fed up and completely livid. I just got off the phone with Kimberly Webb, a VP of customer relations. she's currently working on this. Her department just told me that no work order exists to install DSL on my line. Earlier today they told me that they see the work order and just need the circuit information. AUGH. Okay. i'm gonna go calm down before I totally kill someone today.