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Freaky traffic problems 2001-08-10 10:39:25
by lmbedore
I'm sure some of you noticed that a lot of CGIs didn't seem to work, and that SSH/Telnet sessions would mysteriously lock up over the last 18-20 hours. The problem is now fixed.

Our ISP was testing some IP filters on their router, in an attempt to cut down some of the excess traffic from the Code Red viruses. Apparently one of those filters really screwed with our traffic. They removed the filters this morning (about 10 minutes ago) and everything is back to normal.

Re: Freaky traffic problems 2001-08-10 16:45:39
by r3chn3r
Morons.... I've always hated talking to those freaks at Verizon. You know what really pisses me off? The fact that I have to speak with three stupid people to get to someone who knows what thier talking about. 10 or so before I can get to someone who can help me.. As far as tickets go, I'll let leave messages on my answering machine until they realize I'm not going to talk with them about something that's been 'fixed'. Oh.. Try mentioning that you're running something other than Windows! I wonder how much it costs Verizon to have a bunch of script reading people answering phones and taking 10 minutes to answer a simple question. $10/hr? $12/hr? Wish I could make that much for being stupid. HA! I wish I could simply make that much!
Re: Freaky traffic problems 2001-08-10 18:08:08
by bobshoe
It's a good thing his ISP isn't Verizon. :)
Re: Freaky traffic problems 2001-08-11 16:36:27
by stale
This could be what we get for using an ISP that's located in a strip mall, Laird.