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Continued DSL failure 2001-08-07 15:53:43
by lmbedore
We have had a consistent 12-15% packet loss on our DSL circuit for the last week. We continue to experience major outages at random intervals. Trouble ticket after trouble ticket after trouble ticket are opened, and closed, with no change, no resolution, nothing.

There is currently a trouble ticket open. If it does not close and remain permanently fixed, I'll be going directly to the VP of customer relations at Verizon. I'm so completely fed up with this... I'm going to start running my Network Monitor software and log this shit. I'll just provide them with logs of my outages. Jesus christ.

Re: Continued DSL failure 2001-08-09 01:27:56
by toby
FYI from SlashDot: Verizon might start blocking well known ports as the cable providers started a couple of years ago.
Re: Continued DSL failure 2001-08-09 13:44:28
by stale
It's pretty unlikely that they'd do that on a business DSL connection though. So, I'm not quite sure how that relates to VectorStar.
Re: Continued DSL failure 2001-08-10 00:07:44
by lmbedore
That blocking will only be on Verizon Online residential DSL... that's their ISP, not their telco division...

Their telco equipment isn't even capable of interpereting IP traffic. It can only see data frames and ATM cells, but can't effectively filter the encapsulated IP data, on the telco side. We're safe. :)

Another update: I'm sure all of you have seen how freaky-wierd the servers have been acting since this afternoon. The problem is not entirely known, but is suspected to be related to some IP filters put in place yesterday by our ISP, attempting to alleviate some of the strain they have experienced from the Code Red viruses. They will be working with me tomorrow to remove the filters and see if the problem goes away.