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Lots and Lots of downtime 2001-07-24 11:52:25
by lmbedore
Our DSL circuit has been unreliable for the last few days. Before that we saw a few intermittent short outages, but nothing that wasn't out of the norm for DSL service.

Yesterday, the DSL went totally down the tubes. 75%+ packet loss, high latency, spurts of reliability, then it was down again... After I talked to Verizon's main office, and they reprovisioned our service, all was fine (0% packet loss) for a couple hours, and then it went sour again.

This morning the DSL was down for a number of hours (We don't even know how many), but after having a line tech at the CO and two people at their main office working on the DSLAM and some conflicting information, we're back up (for now). It'll probably go down again before we get the chance to have a line tech come on-site and check our in-house lines once more.

I'm sorry, this sucks... and sadly there's not much I can do right now but try to work with Verizon and keep this line working. Hopefully we will stop having these line quality problems after we move in September. Hopefully.