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Rules... 2001-03-31 12:01:06
by lmbedore
Of course, like any system that wants to stay open, we have some rules to keep things at a manageable level. The rules have always been as minimal as we could keep them, perhaps with the exception of the "right to do whatever" rule. That one is only there so we have grounds upon which to ensure our users aren't trying (and failing) to use security exploits against our own servers, or others'.

However, one of the simplest, most common-sense, easy rules is being abused all over, and I'm getting really frustrated with the disregard for this rule - * No for-profit advertising using our services or hardware. Our service is free and without advertisement, and we request the same from our users.

This rule is here for a very simple reason. VectorStar does ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISING on any of the services we provide you. We don't attach footers to your email. We don't do frame-wrappers on your websites (or EVIL popup ads). We don't profit off of you. In turn, you are getting a completely free service. Since you have no expenses in regards to using our services, we do not allow you to profit off of us.

I've had to badger 4 people about this in 1 day. That's really out of hand. So now I'm debating what course of action to take for people who keep on breaking this rule, again and again. Do I give them a nice warning, give them a week to clean up their site, and then disable the user's account if they don't comply? Should I just disable the account and then re-inform them of this rule afterwards? Should Stale put up pictures of extreme sexual acts in place of their website? Should their site just forward to Or even better, forward to our network rules page?

I don't know what to do, but I do know that something must be done. An utopian group of respectful users would make things wonderful, but mere wishing doesn't get us anywhere. It's going to be time to act.