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Lots of updates. 2001-03-20 13:11:20
by lmbedore
Well, the new shell server is approaching completion quickly. It's also time for us to start doing some cleaning-up around here.

We are moving all free services from the domain to the domain. So far, the following changes are in place:
  • The mail server accepts mail (to you) for both and If you use POP3 mail, please edit your mail config to connect to and change your email address to
  • Mail will, by default, be sent from the local server with the domain of unless manually specified otherwise.
  • All web subdomains are currently running at both and to allow you to migrate your links over. Please migrate them over immediately.
  • The Users page on VectorStar is now an opt-in system. If you have a website on VectorStar and want it listed on our Users page, please read this document on how to put in your description.
As of May 1, the domain of will no longer hold any websites or receive mail for you. That gives you just about 6 weeks to prepare for the change.