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Good news on Server upgrades 2001-03-05 23:41:36
by lmbedore
Soo... Jason and I looked around our network and came to the conclusion that we're misallocating our resources. So, instead of building a completely new dual xeon machine for a shell server, we're going to take the current database server, add some small components, and make it the shell server, while moving database stuff to another machine (single xeon 400). We'll be picking up the new hardware in about a week, and it should be physically up and running in 2 weeks. It'll probably be another week or two from then that we actually put it into production, moving user accounts, logins, mail, and all kinds of fun stuff onto it and doing lots of testing.

On the software side, I've been grinding away at the new new-user signup system, and have got a pretty solid structure that's nearing useability. The structure us complete, and piece 1 of 3 is about 40% done. Piece 2 is largely similar to piece 1 and should only take a day to complete. Piece 3 is hard, and may take some time. Piece 3 is the pseudo-intelligent logic beast that actually keeps tabs on user accounts and makes configuration changes as needed.

All in all, things are looking good around here.