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Delay of new shell server 2001-02-19 12:23:40
by lmbedore
I figured I'd list the reasons for delay on the new shell server:
  • Antec IPC2480-B+PP303X Case: $210
  • Antec 3446B rackmount RAID chassis: $219
  • Mylex AcceleRAID 170/32mb cache: $405
  • 3 Quantum Atlas 10k-II U160 drives: $900
  • 256mb PC100 ECC SDRAM: $100
  • Floppy drive, video card, 2nd CPU, fans, 2 NICs: $200
That makes a grand total of $2034 needed to build the shell server. I don't have that right now, so I'm waiting. I'll probably build the system incrementally (single Xeon, RAM, IDE drive) and progressively move up, but that'll mean a lot of periodic upgrades, so I'd also like to keep that to a minimum. If anyone feels that they'd like to shower the love of this stuff down upon us (which i doubt), bring on the rain... I'd personally like to get stuff moved off of thrall as soon as possible, as it has been horribly slow. The Linux kernel just isn't mature on the SPARC platform, and has a long way to go before I could consider it really useable.

I'll probably get a lot of development done this week on the administrative tools we need. With Vahman out of town, less of my time is wasted listening to his talkative ass. :)