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Website users! Check it! 2001-01-18 19:15:27
by lmbedore
GREAT news. I got suexec support to work in apache. This is a wonderful thing(tm), because it will allow you users to have clean, secure CGIs that run in your own userspace, and data files that are configured securely so that no one else can read/edit/whatever them.

Right now this feature is in TESTING on a few of our internal websites. I'm going to extensively test this stuff tonight, and build a HOWTO-of-sorts for those of you who use CGIs on your sites, so that you can effectively deal with the (strict) configurations required, and maintain fully functional CGIs after this feature is effective system-wide. I hope to have suexec enabled saturday. If you get some funky errors on your CGIs in the next few days, email me and I'll help you figure out where the problem is.

Thanks to the Apache people for having such a cool product, and the users involved in testing.