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Slowing things down... 2001-01-09 15:53:41
by lmbedore
We won't be accepting new users for a little while. We're up to 233 users.. disk capacity is getting a little tighter than I'd like (50% capacity bothers me greatly), the shell servers are grinding a bit slow... at least the network connectivity has been stable for the last week or two. Nonetheless, We're turning off new user submissions until we've got the new shell server running and some things cleaned up. I also need to add some of the newly available features to the signup, which i haven't gotten around to doing yet. In fact, the whole signup system needs a full re-writing, because it's crappy and inflexible.

It's a bummer, i know.. but these sorts of slowdowns have to happen with an entirely free system that offers more features than any other (and perhaps all others combined)... we grow, we adjust. At least it's still free. :)