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Upgrades, Fixes, etc. 2001-01-06 20:27:55
by lmbedore
I just wanted to play the status-game concerning our upgrades/etc...

We're slowing down our growth pace because I don't have as much spending money since I just bought a car. In the meantime, software upgrades will still go on because software is free :) However, we haven't had as much time overall to work on these lately, so even the fixing phase will be going a little slower.

I recompiled apache with suexec support, but have it running without suexec for the sake of compatibility right now. For those of you who have asked me about CGI's and file security/etc, you've already heard the story about how suexec-apache is causing CGI's to not run at all. I thought I had an immediate fix to it, but the thing i thought would fix it is proprietary to mod_ssl, and hosts running SSL. :(

We've been playing with the database server. Although we already had the two closest-matching of our Xeon 400 chips running in that machine, we swapped one of them to see if our occasional crashes could be due to CPU incompatibility. Fault tolerances are wierd, wierd things. If we can get this damn thing to be stable, we'll be moving the user space to that server (which means MUCH more free space and 4x throughput or so on the file access), as well as opening up SQL database space to users on a per-request basis. Everything is in place on the server to provide the SQL access - we just want the damn server to be reliable first. Who knows how often it would crash with a higher load on it... we could go from once every 2-4 weeks to once a day, and that would be a real headache.

Work on the new shell server is halted because of money. I spent all of my money on a new car, so I could actually get to work to make more money. If anyone wants to donate a PII-Xeon 400, 512k cache, stepping SL34H, 256+MB PC100-ECC 72bit SDRAM, an LVD SCSI controller, and two 18gb Quantum Atlas 10K (or 10K-II) drives, we'll be more than happy to accept and get this box running. Oh yeah.. an Antec IPC2480B case, too. :)

Those of you frustrated with the reverse DNS problems with IRC - I've sent the request and got successful acknowledgement of a reverse DNS update. These should be going into effect within the next few days. If they don't, you know who's going to be harassing the ISP :)

That's all for now.