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News from the Telco peeps. 2000-12-19 13:29:41
by lmbedore
Well, for once Verizon did the right thing. They checked the lines here, they were fine. They went back to their CO and replaced the router's interface card that we are connected through. Since this has been done, I haven't personally seen any downtime. If anyone else has, yell at me and lemme know exactly when it was. We're trying to keep it closely monitored, just in case there's another problem lurking in the network.

IntNet promised me they were done with upgrades now that they have their gbit switch in and running. There should hypothetically be no more downtime, as no scheduled maintenance has been proposed by either Verizon or IntNet.

Straight up. Hopefully this will be the end of service interruptions and lag for a good long while.