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System Updates 2000-07-31 16:38:00
by lmbedore
Okay... for all of you that have webcams on VectorStar, I've made the headache of access between vector (the main server) and berzerker (the webcam/file server) go almost entirely away. Every 6 hours, the two machines will update password information, so if you change your password on vector, it will become effective within 6 hours on berzerker.

Berzerker will allow you to FTP into it, but not access it as a shell. This will still let you upload your webcam image (be nice and use username.jpg, replacing username with your username), but it can't be used as a mail/shell server like vector (yet). Berzerker may become the mail server for the network in the very near future; if this happens, there should be no visible changes to your email-using experience, other than possibly having to change your SMTP and POP3 servers to if you use a local mail client.

These changes will be complete by midnight tonight. There may be some dead webcams until then though :)