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Network connectivity problems 2000-12-13 09:59:55
by lmbedore
Verizon, the wonderful local nazi regime, has had a broken DSLAM (DSL->ATM Multiplexer) in Tampa for the last 3 months, but have refused to admit it until this week.

In the last four hours, we have had 45 minutes of downtime. (notice the lines down there on zero) My monitoring system can only count ENTIRE 5 minute blocks of downtime, so it's quite possible that we've had more than an hour of downtime. That's at LEAST a 19% downtime.

Counting only the outages I have personally witnessed and counted, we are averaging somewhere between a 70% to 90% uptime. That's right - a 10 to 30 percent DOWNtime. What's even worse is that when we're up, the DSLAM is overloaded, and our pingtimes range from something sane (like 50-70ms) to as high as 1300ms, even with no traffic going through. So, when we're up, we still look down, because we're slow as hell.

It's absolutely absurd, and Verizon refuses to answer the phone. I've been on hold for 20 minutes, waiting for a supposed 5-minute wait. They'll probably refuse to issue a trouble ticket because the problem is already known. AH! they've answered. There _is_ a "known outage" in my area, but there's nothing that can be done about it right now, apparently. UGGH, more HOLD MUSIC!$@! Oh, even better!! The DSLAM problem supposedly does NOT effect me, so they claim there's something _else_ causing me to have this massive downtime. Since I never lose link-connectivity with the Central Office, I know the problem isn't on the lines going to the house. However, they're going to do their typical check-the-lines-to-the-house deal, find nothing, shrug their heads, tell me to put more line filters on my lines, and ignore the outages. At least I had a competent tech on the phone - that was nice.

Moral of the story? Colocate if you can. You don't have crap like this happen at a good colocation center. I'm even starting to consider colocation. Scary. At least there are two good datacenters in Tampa that I trust, and have bargaining power with, when the time comes.