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Opening up the Message Board! 2000-12-06 11:51:48
by lmbedore
Okay, I'm being antsy and doing this before i'm 100% certain the database server is stable, but I have good reason to believe that it is now.

We will now be opening the Message Board system to our users on a per-request basis. You get your own message board and ability to manage your own users and staff members. There is currently no comment threading system, but that may be setup soon.

Once we're resonably certain that the message board system and database server are stable, we'll make this accessible in the signup process.

If you're a VectorStar user and want a Message Board from us, just ask!

The messageboard interface is 100% customizeable, so you should have very little trouble making our message board match your site perfectly. If you like our design, you're more than welcome to use it. :) Here is an example of THIS PAGE with a theme similar to what Norch uses.