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5.5 hours of downtime, damnit. 2000-12-01 15:56:01
by lmbedore
At least this time I can officially say that the downtime wasn't my fault at all. AT&T had a router break on their Tampa Sonet Ring, and our ISP, IntNet, had their main router fry as well.

I didn't like the whole downtime experience. I've been very bored. I think I'm hyperventilating. Maybe I'll be dead soon. WHY ME?!@#

oh. damn. Well, parts are coming in for two more servers. Completion of said machines will be delayed until after I buy my new car (GS-R Sedan). It's more important to be able to drive reliably than it is to have yet another under-used server, because being able to drive reliably gets me to work and pays for me to have yet another under-used server. :)