Forums Archive -> VectorStar News 2000-11-07 12:57:20
by lmbedore
Well, it's about time i stopped procrastinating and registered It probably won't take effect for another day or two hundred, knowing NSI... regardless, we have another domain name to play with.

I've had some brainstorms about what to do with the domain name, but haven't decided anything yet. I want to create a commercial division of VectorStar, primarily for software development (but selling rude T-shirts would be fun, too), but leave the free services of VectorStar intact. I'm not sure which domain I want to use for which purpose, but that will sort itself out in time.

We're waiting in perilous balance for more info about a possible new server for VectorStar. We've been playing with SPARC-based systems lately, if you haven't noticed... Here is a lot of good information on SPARC hardware (in PostScript format). Hopefully we'll have good news soon of a very power-hungry new box.