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BAMF 2000-11-03 08:02:17
by lmbedore
In case you didn't notice, vector hasn't been letting people log in. don't feel bad - it hasn't let me log in either. Someone did something and it pissed it off. If it's your fault, tell me what you did so i can figure out if there's a semi decent way of stopping this sort of crash later.

It's kinda convenient timing, as I was going to put vector in a rackmount case today. Still, it appears that there is no init process at the moment, so vector can't spawn new processes. that also means that eventually web services will die after each of its threads hits its maximum number of hits and recycles... but it won't matter cause i'm about to shut this box down anyways.

awww chit, i think i found the problem. my own fault. i scroll-locked a syslog terminal. somehow it backed up syslogd and froze the system until i un-scroll-locked. wow. that's odd.