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More fun upgrade information... 2000-10-31 15:19:28
by lmbedore
The new shell servers are critically close to the ready-to-go line. Mexicanhouseboy's 170mhz processor may need to be downgraded to 110mhz if I can't find the reason that init(1) segfaults and breaks the machine at random. It appears to be due to an architecture modification between the 110mhz MicroSPARC II chip and the 170mhz TurboSPARC chip. It's likely to be in regards to what edge of the clock cycle is used to call interrupts...

The secondary shell server is stable. It will go online after Mexicanhouseboy is 100% final.

Those of you behind firewalls may have noticed that for about 24 hours you couldn't upload any files while using PASV mode FTP. This was due to a bug in ProFTPd 1.2.0rc2 (the latest release). I fixed the bug, got the most recent version of ProFTPd kicking, and everything is wonderful again.

More stuff to fix, as always. trying to get the shell servers all done tonight.