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Mail Services Moving 2000-10-26 10:04:36
by lmbedore
The Mail services are moving onto our new shell server, mexicanhouseboy, today. The changes will be transparent and will require no changes on the users' part. Mail will continue to function on vector until we dedicate it to web services.

I was intending on getting the secondary shell server (tentatively) up today, but I had a small issue with the hard drive this morning and didn't have time to fix it (SILO configuration problem for those curious parties). I will work on getting it ready tonight so the bot users can start moving their bots over to that machine shortly.

While i'm on the topic of bots, I will be providing a fresh compilation of eggdrop 1.4.4 on the secondary shell server so none of you have to take the time to compile it yourselves (which is a lot of time on RISC architectures). The shell servers will all now be running 'screen' as well, to allow you to attach/detach/reattach to virtual terminals as needed. If you don't know what I mean, you don't need to use screen. :)

The database server will be finalized on Thursday or Friday of next week. Two hardc0re rackmount cases are on their way for the DB server and Vector. The secondary shell server will also be finalized on the same day (maybe earlier if we're lucky), when its second network card comes in. Berzerker will probably get its upgrades tomorrow night, since Smackdown is on tonight and you know I'd rather watch some goofy wrestling than cut myself on that insane case Berzerker is in. All in all, it looks like the planned upgrades are dead on schedule.