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Important web service announcement! 2006-07-15 00:13:23
by marasmus
If you have a website and do NOT have a virtual domain, I very very strongly recommend turning ON the virtual domain feature. Log in and click on "Acct Settings". Turn it on! Update your links! Pat yourself on the back! Eventually web domains will be mandatory for anyone with web services, once I get around to rewriting the necessary pieces of code.

From now until the end of time, all sites without a virtual domain will have very limited throughput - 64kbps, basically dialup speed. Virtual domains will not be speed-limited.

WHY?!? This is because the bandwidth management software for Apache 2 doesn't allow us to control bandwidth on a per-user basis like we previously could. We can only (meaningfully) control bandwidth on a per-domain basis, and can only give reporting on a per-domain basis.

To see your web bandwidth usage in real-time you can go to http://(your domain) and it'll tell you what's up. I'll be fixing the "Web Bandwidth" link on the left sometime later-than-now. Like after I sleep. :)