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Pics of VectorStar's new home 2006-03-30 18:43:24
by marasmus
Here are some pics of VectorStar's new abode.

Looks like an almost-normal closet...

but there aren't any clothes inside!

The server rack:

From Top-to-Bottom:
    Cable modem and home switch on shelf
    1U custom firewall
    Old crappy monitor
    Cisco 2950 switch
    Belkin KVM
    ghetto keyboard tray
    home file server
    3KVA UPS

8000 BTU for 16 sq. ft!

The hot exhaust from cooling the compressor goes up into the attic, and the condensation drains out through a hose that runs outside.

So there ya have it. VectorStar in pictures.

Re: Pics of VectorStar's new home 2006-04-03 11:16:23
by bobshoe

I am disappointed, I don't see the required roll of paper towels....
Re: Pics of VectorStar's new home 2006-04-03 16:08:11
by marasmus
That's because we recently upgraded to real towels...