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Network stuff. 2000-10-12 15:12:00
by lmbedore
Well... The phone line has been 'fixed' so it doesn't cause hangups on the DSL connection. It's an interference issue where frequency signals 'bleed over' between the DSL and phone line pairs. GTE claims that the problem occurs within the house's wiring, however, I have already proven that entirely wrong. The problem is that they no longer run frequency filters on the mexican copper cables they run from the phone box to my house. The bleedover is on their side of the cable, and the only fix they'll give me is a pass-through line filter for each phone jack. Personally, I don't think these 13 cent korea-flame filters are doing much of anything good. During the last week (since we've plugged in the phone and the line filter), I've had 20% packet loss on incoming pings and 2% packet loss on outgoing pings, on vector. IntNet, our badass ISP also sees the incoming packet loss, so it's not just me smoking crack in the basement. I'm gonna try unplugging the phone tonight to test this phone+filter theory. If it fixes the problem, vector will probably have a bit of downtime while i hack a line filter into the back of the GTE phone box without permission. :) If I finish the posting util for the new messageboard, i'll put the sum'bitch up tonight! :)