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Update on the new servers 2005-06-20 17:00:24
by marasmus
(Like always) things are going slower than expected... but it's not for a lack of trying! Deuce (which I had running at the main datacenter for over 3 months without issue) has decided it wants to hard-lock after a few minutes of running. I think I managed to fix it for a few days, and then I guess I broke it again. It's either a BIOS configuration issue that's messing it up, or it's the new RAM I installed (cheaper, but double the capacity). If it's the RAM, I'm going to be pissed! Oh, and I'll be buying more RAM too. damnit!

The other server, affectionately named "bulldog" (after the demeanor it will have against spam mail), is running very stable, but it has an interesting problem. When powered-on from a full-off state, it will get partially through POST and then freeze. Once the reset button is pushed, it's fine (even reboots fine) until the machine is physically powered off again. I thought a BIOS update would fix it, but apparently I was wrong. Maybe a socket-370 terminator will make it happy. The problem is that I was planning on installing a network-attached power distribution unit, so I could restart the servers remotely by powering them off and on. It won't work for this server, since it refuses to cold-boot on its own.

I also bought two cheap little servers. My hope was to build redundant firewalls that would also do some other interesting security stuff. It turns out that one of the two boxes is more-or-less dead, so that idea went out the window. Instead, I'm building up the one that works with a CompactFlash hard drive, to make a virtually-indestructible firewall that won't fall to the #1 plague of VectorStar- dying hard drives. We'll probably keep the venerable MHB (the most reliable server we've had-4 years straight without a single crash, once we realized that the 2.2 Linux kernel didn't support its specific CPU sub-architecture) around as a backup, as long as its hard drive doesn't die like most 7-10 year old SCA SPARC hard drives. I love that machine, but it's just a matter of time till that 10 year old SPARCstation loses its CPU fan or hard drive.

Well, that's the news 'round here.

Re: Update on the new servers 2005-07-07 21:55:45
by darklighter
My own personal update: Working on my internship site now. Developing website for a school district (juniata) which can be seen here yes thats suppose to be a real site lol. More like a junkyard. Well im using php, mysql and developing site in dreamweaver for them. I'll post it when they become the final version. They are getting a new server and I get to help build it. Been fun so far. Only 270 more hours till its over.