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The damn mail server keeps crashing 2005-05-31 23:47:29
by marasmus
And since the damn mail server keeps crashing, I've taken "deuce" home with me to start building the CODA FS cluster which will serve as the core of our new network. I'm hoping to have the mail portion and main websites functional within 2 weeks. User websites will continue to run from angstful (which has been rock-solid, knock on wood) until I finish the mod_throttle code, which is very, very close to working.

The long and short of this whole upgrade is that we'll be going from a stable 733mhz P3 and a flaky Athlon 1600+ to a very solid dual 800mhz P3 and a single 1.2ghz Tualatin. High-end server boards, high-end registered ECC RAM, all good and stable stuff. We'll have 110gb available for the core filesystem (down from the 330gb back when Vector was working, but up from the 32gb today), but it'll be 4-way redundant, and file services will continue to work even if one of the servers goes down. I'm also looking to buy a remotely-manageable power distribution unit, so I can reboot servers remotely in case something chokes when I'm not home.

In case you guys haven't heard, I'm looking to buy a house around the end of the year. When that happens, I'll be bringing VectorStar back home, so a LOT more work will be done on the system. Bandwidth will hopefully be upgraded at that point as well. I'm hoping to have a permanent development (read: spare) server running in case anything does happen to either of the two main systems.

That's all for now!

Re: The damn mail server keeps crashing 2005-06-10 14:25:17
by darklighter
Great job man that takes a lot of work. Be sure to put a gallery up of the new home :) Anyways heres an update on me. Finished my last day of class in college today! All that is left is my internship over the summer. Hopefully graduating in September. I'm interning at a school district (Juniata, Pa) if anyone on here is from central pa. Looking forward to it, i'll be do a little bit of everything, web design, hardware, and what all the tech team finds for me to do. Then its off to a real job! I'll keep ya updated.