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Some bitchy servers and some upgrades 2005-05-18 00:07:34
by marasmus
Both of our DNS servers managed to crap out this week. Unfortunately we don't have a monitor available right now to display the 1152x900@67hz resolution of the SPARC DNS servers, so I couldn't see if there was any useful information on the console. They both came back after a simple reboot, so I've upgraded some stuff on them (for security reasons).

Another update about us... A huge amount of progress has been made on the mod_throttle rewrite for apache 2.0. It's *almost* working now. For those of you familiar with writing apache modules, the configuration directives appear to work, but the content handlers don't seem to be latching in correctly. As I get the time, I'll be finishing that up so we can start overhauling our core server structure. Fun stuff.