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Some server problems 2005-01-17 15:26:08
by marasmus
We're running into some strange server problems that appear to be caused by a kernel bug. If you've tried to change your password in the last day or so, it might or might not have worked. I'm trying to fix the problem now with an upgraded kernel. I'll post again here after the server has been rebooted.

Re: Some server problems 2005-01-17 16:36:10
by marasmus
Okay, the problem should be all fixed now. It turns out there was a stupid bug in my password changer script that turned our password file into a 2GB monster of blank lines. When the script ran to update passwords, it was running out of memory and crashing! Fun!
Re: Some server problems 2005-01-22 01:33:17
by nuzod
Hey, is changing the site description going to be integrated into the account features? That'd be pretty handy.
Re: Some server problems 2005-01-22 15:12:57
by marasmus
Yeah... that's one of the easiest ones to do, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet :)