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New servers are coming along well! 2005-01-09 00:01:20
by lmbedore
Our new web server (deuce) has been built and is almost ready. I will be hooking it up tomorrow and starting the arduous task of building a new Apache2-based web server for it. Once it's in production, angstful will donate its hard drives to the new mail server, bulldog. I might take vector down tomorrow to upgrade its RAM to 1GB (mainly because no other machine we have uses PC100 ECC RAM, and I have another 512mb just sitting around). I hope to upgrade deuce to 1GB of RAM sometime next week, leaving bulldog with 512mb. Once bulldog has officially replaced chester, I'll be using chester's drives to build a freshly-upgraded base for vector. Then vector's old drives will go back to angstful, which will be rebuilt as an extra server for new services. I might try running OpenBSD on it, to see how well oBSD will behave for us.

That'll leave NS1, NS2, and MHB (the venerable SPARCstations) as the oldest servers on our network. If anyone has any leads on where I can get cheap low-end 1U barebones systems (particularly socket 370), please let me know! Intel used to make one called the ISP1100 that was perfect, but I can't find them available anywhere. :(

Re: New servers are coming along well! 2005-01-09 01:50:12
by nuzod
I don't know if you'd trust it and I'd bet you've already looked, but eBay has three of them up for sale for around $200 each. Check it out.
Re: New servers are coming along well! 2005-01-09 17:15:16
by toby
Re: New servers are coming along well! 2005-01-09 17:15:58
by toby
w00ps ... repost!
Re: New servers are coming along well! 2005-01-09 18:15:47
by lmbedore
Yeah, i saw those and had to bite my lip not to buy them... but I can't justify spending $600+shipping+video cards for two DNS servers and a firewall, especially since ours do work quite well. I've already got CPU's, hard drives and RAM for the machines, i just need the bare ISP1100 systems :) They used to sell for $150 new, so spending $200+ used doesn't seem like the best deal to me. If I could get 'em bare for 100-125, they'd be sold.

oh yeah.. deuce is plugged in. I ran into a nice bug in the linux kernel with NFS version (in)compatibility... took me 2 hours to figure out why the NFS server on vector would stop accepting connections once deuce tried (and failed) to mount a share. So i had to reboot the whole network twice today, hope it didn't cause too much trouble.
Re: New servers are coming along well! 2005-01-11 00:15:29
by caridwen