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Yes, we're accepting new users! 2005-01-05 15:26:02
by lmbedore
That's right... new users are once again being accepted here at VectorStar.

We are also increasing the disk space and web traffic for all users - Disk space has gone from 20mb to 50mb, and web traffic from 2gb to 5gb monthly (69mb to 170mb daily)!

We managed to get two signups before I even put up this post, or made the bright yellow link on the main page. Amaazing.

Congrats to odios and mokopl, our first new users since February 2002!

Re: Yes, we're accepting new users! 2005-01-05 19:44:08
by nuzod
Has it really been that long? I remember the first wave of new users, and it's going to be sweet watching Vector get big again. Keep it up, Laird.
Re: Yes, we're accepting new users! 2005-01-05 21:02:42
by lmbedore
It's amazing, isn't it? 3 years since we last took any signups... and before that we were off and on a few times for varying reasons... hardware failures and scalability problems and a couple of moves.

Damn, you've been with us since nearly the beginning... 1998 I think. Since before the original New Years Network Blackout of 2000. Man, those 6 weeks of no VectorStar really sucked. That was right after the first post on the message board. Scary how time flies.

After the staff, you're user #7, and that includes one of my roommates and 3 of Frank's family... so realistically you're user #3 of the still-active users. Damn... we're gonna have to make you one of the staff soon! :)

New userness rocks!!! 2005-01-07 12:51:46
by Darkekun
Hello, I am a vectorstar user of absolute newness (newosity?), and I'd like to congratulate you on your service. No service has managed to impress me this quickly, and Ihope you all keep up the good work. Also, after hearing about some of your power and scale issues I'd like to suggest that you build a backup power system that runs off of gas burried a little underground for security and safety. You could probably build one out a scrapped SUV or pickup truck. Or a a scrapped semi truck with an intact engine would be even better. Just my thoughts... Take care!
Re: Yes, we're accepting new users! 2005-01-07 17:08:05
by marasmus
Well the good news is that the old power curses of days gone by have passed. Since the end of the hurricane season, we've had perfect power stability, crossing over 100 days of uptime. If it wasn't for the mail server liking to crash once a month, we would've had 100.0% availability over the last 3 months! Pretty good for a home-run service... it'll be even better when we replace the mail server in the coming months. Damn Athlon chipsets! This time we're going with ServerWorks, the best in the biz.

Once I finally buy a house and move vectorstar back in with me, i'll probably get a generator and build my own auto-starter out of old motorcycle parts. :)
Re: Yes, we're accepting new users! 2005-01-07 19:26:01
by niven
I am truely greatfull for such a wonderfull service! I read about this network a while ago and have been checking back every couple of weeks for what seems like forever. Great job :-) Thanks for the generousity. -Niven