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Scumbag 2000-10-03 19:39:00
by lmbedore
I broke the subdomains today pretty good. It was a matter of a design discrepancy between certain functions that are called by some of the automated admin scripts. One of these scripts got used for the first time and ended up wreaking some havoc (like, killing all the subdomains). Now it's fixed, plus it makes lots of backup copies of the datafile in case this sort of chaos happens again.

The mail server was also down for some unknown reason this morning. no logs showed any problems, but the mail services were dead. Due to this, a lot of mail came in very late (like 12 hours late) today. No mail should have been lost, as the server-to-server standards normally allow for up to 3 days of downtime before giving up on sending mail. If you still receive some mail out-of-chronological-order, it'll soon start sorting itself out.