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Mail downtime today! glee! 2003-12-31 22:07:12
by lmbedore
Yes, the mail server was dead as a doornail for about an hour. A drive died and had to be replaced... the bad part was that these god-awful Promise FastTrak RAID cards can't do an online rebuild, so I had to sit and wait for it to rebuild a 40GB array that's only using about 700mb. Ugh.

Vector also had a bad drive to replace, but its raid card does online rebuilds... However, by some unexplainable streak of more bad luck, the card froze up detecting the replacement hard drive (though I followed the procedure to the letter) and the kernel locked up when the root fs stopped responding. A reboot and 2 rebuild attempts later, I'm trying to force a rebuild because there's supposedly a bad block on the remaining "good" drive in the array... 80% through, it fails. Man, I really love these IDE drives. Quality stuff. damn.

Time to go home and get good and sloshed to welcome a new year!