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Another outage... 2003-07-26 13:41:27
by lmbedore
Wow, this one's weird. Apparently the tape drive in our file server decided to take up smoking. It fried, taking down the file server with it, and thus the rest of the network. Jeff & Jeremy once again come to the rescue with a spare DLT drive! Much thanks again, guys.

Re: Another outage... 2003-07-27 22:28:46
by pete
Re: Another outage... 2003-07-28 08:00:45
by toby
Re: Another outage... 2003-07-28 09:57:04
by lmbedore
Yeah, it's definitely the weirdest outage we've experienced. The only annoying thing is that the backup software keeps asking me to insert new media throughout the backup, so I have to run it manually. Maybe I'll be able to tweak it out so it can run automatically again.