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Downtime - Apr 24 2003-04-25 20:05:27
by lmbedore
We had some unexpected downtime this evening, thanks to a fantastic storm!

For about 30 minutes after we came back up, all emails were bouncing back to the sender (because the mail server booted up just a *little* faster than the file server)... all is fixed now and the world of VectorStar is back to normal.

In other news, work on the administration system is active (when i'm not being overworked at the day-job)... I'm currently working on the hardest of the problems: password changes. It sounds relatively easy, until you start considering that changing your password will kick you out of the interface before you can tell if the change worked! I think I've figured out a solution, and hopefully I'll be able to actually test it by sunday.

Re: Downtime - Apr 24 2003-04-26 17:10:31
by lmbedore
ARGH! The main RAID array had a drive die already. I'm pissed now. I'll fix it at some point, hopefully before another drive dies on us and screws us once again.
Re: Downtime - Apr 24 2003-08-26 11:05:22
by tommyy
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