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Server downtime - Apr 19 2003-04-16 07:22:19
by lmbedore
On Saturday, April 19 at about 1pm EST (6pm GMT), we'll be taking down the servers for a few hours to put Vector back into service. The network will be down for about an hour and a half, unless the apocalypse falls upon us.

Re: Server downtime - Apr 19 2003-04-19 15:11:02
by lmbedore
Well, everything's back up. NIS is being extremely weird right now, but is working. You may experience intermittent outages on here as I try to get the problem permanently resolved.
Re: Server downtime - Apr 19 2003-04-19 16:25:39
by lmbedore
NIS is fixed now. I would recommend taking up self-dentistry before taking up NIS as a hobby. :)
Re: Server downtime - Apr 19 2003-04-24 14:52:24
by Anonymous