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Vector being upgraded 2003-03-18 09:58:34
by lmbedore
Okay. So we throw in the new RAID card and we still have hard-locking left and right. It looks like the venerable board and chip of vector have finally reached their end of service, after 5 years of work for VectorStar.

So apparently the RAID card wasn't the problem. Oh well, now we have a newer, faster, and better-supported card. We're going to throw an Athlon 1.2ghz board and chip into Vector at the end of this week. Then we'll have to find something more intense to run on our measely file server, as it'll be WAY overpowered for its duties. :)

In the last 6 months, Vector has been the proud recipient of a new rackmount case, 2 new power supplies, 7 new hard drives (one was dead on delivery), a used DLT tape drive, 2 new RAID cards, and now a slightly used (by us) Athlon 1.2 board/chip/ram set. The only parts remaining are the network card (replaced a little over a year ago), the SCSI card for the tape drive (about 5 years old), and the video card (2 years old). Total upgrade cost for Vector alone: $2500.

Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-18 14:25:55
by caridwen
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-20 14:51:22
by bfg
How about an IRCd? :D
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-21 09:57:34
by lmbedore
It's kinda hard to put an IRC server on a private-network system with no default gateway :) Well, it's easy to put it on, but it gets a little difficult to use :) Though we are looking into some IRCd solutions.

Anyways, I pulled the old motherboard out and threw in the new one last night, installing Slackware. Let me just say that i'm VERY impressed with the 3ware Escalade RAID card. Aside from its space-hogging IDE layout (only a problem with rounded cables), it's a top-quality card with every design detail well-thought-out.

Vector's old motherboard was definitely the cause of the crashes. Even a casual glance at the voltage-regulating capacitors on the board would allow anyone to see that half of the caps on the board had 'popped'. Well, that board served us well for many years, so I can't complain too much about it dying.

The venerable Apathy got its hardware upgrade last night... Mylex eXtremeRAID 1100 card, 2 9gb 10krpm LVD SCSI drives, and a gig of ECC CAS2 RAM. Time-permitting, I will set up Apathy this weekend, after Vector's done.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-22 12:32:32
by Daniel
Wow. Seems like lots of money is being put towards the performance of the servers. Do you have an estimated time of completion yet Laird?
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-22 12:59:51
by lmbedore
No, we don't have an estimated date of completion yet. And everytime someone asks for one, it gets delayed at least a month. I'm currently spending my entire saturday working on Vector, if that tells you anything.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-22 16:53:37
by stale
Has anybody noticed there are two type of free services leeches that hang out on this message board? There is the nice, ego-supporting VectorStar groupie (i.e. Daniel) who will compliment Laird to death in order to get an account. There is also the insulting, delusional groupie who claims that they could easily write the entire backend of VectorStar using nothing but Perl and a Pentium 200. I have a simple request: If you feel that you may possibly fit into either of these categories, please think before clicking 'Submit' or 'Send'. I know for a fact that I don't care to read your piss-and-moan emails about how you can't find a good host, and seeing as I live with Laird and have known him for a god damn long time, I'm 99% certain he doesn't want to see your fake flattery which is an obvious attempt at scoring a free account on our network. To sum it up for those of you who didn't understand what I just said, just say, "No," when facing a matter of verbal fellatio and/or textual delusions of grandeur. On behalf of all of the staff here at VectorStar, we'd appreciate it.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-26 11:58:07
by ibor132
Wow, you guys rock you should give me an account because you rock Seirously, I'm very impressed with the level of service I've noticed from VectorStar in the 8 months or so that I've had my site hosted here. All the staff do an incredible job, and my exprence has been great. I'm pleased to hear that the servers are being upgraded...IRCd...IRCd...IRCd....IRCd...:-)
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-26 18:27:24
by nuzod
Mocking another leech and then doing some of your own ass kissing is classic.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-26 22:52:54
by stale
Nuzod, I'm pretty sure ibor132 just won the, "Go To Hell," award for that one...STFu...STFu...STFu...STFu...:-)
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-27 02:44:13
by smoke me
Wow Laird, you sure are putting in a lot of hard work and money. I really wish I could help with something, but unfortunately I'm broke and have no skillz. As Frank put it, I'm the "ego-supporting VectorStar groupie" trying to get an account. :-)
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-27 12:23:24
by lmbedore
Vector's basically done and ready to go back in production now. It's SO much faster than it needs to be!

I'm going to play with the RAID management software (for remote management, problem-notification, etc) this weekend... Still have to install the OS on the newly-rebuilt Apathy. When they're both ready, we'll take 'em up and put 'em in production.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-27 18:07:23
by ibor132
Frank: I'll chose to tale that as a compliment. Nuzod: It wasn't really asskissing, I already have an account, so I wasn't trying to get one. That post (minus the first 13 words) is really my openion.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-29 11:28:30
by stale
I agree, you weren't trying to get an account, you're just trying to scam an IRCd now. Doesn't it ever end? Aren't the users ever just content with what we have?
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-29 18:14:15
by caridwen
Frank: pfft, no. users/wanna-be users who keep pestering you guys for shit were prolly never hugged enough as children, causing tons of issues and problems up to and including making them total dick-wads who spend all their time trying to get free stuff. oh, and they prolly sniff their sister's panties whenever they walk into the bathroom and find them on the floor.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-29 19:53:59
by ibor132
That was mostly a joke. Theres plenty of things that I would love to see added, some realistic, some not, that I certinly woulden't post here. I'm happy with the currnent services.
Re: Vector being upgraded 2003-03-31 00:59:16
by stale
Yeah, we're all pretty happy with the currnent servers on the admin side as well =p