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Vector died again. 2003-03-13 22:15:06
by lmbedore
Again, vector died this week. So right now we've moved services around in a magical fashion and we're running entirely without vector.

Tomorrow we should receive a brand new 3ware Escalade 7500-8 RAID card, to replace the SuperTrak SX6000 in there. We believe that the RAID card is at the heart of the problems with vector. Regardless, we are going to put vector through the most brutal diagnostics we can muster, to make certain that it's stable.

In the meantime, things will work, though there could be many untold quirks from our service-shuffling job.

Re: Vector died again. 2003-03-13 23:50:15
by hooligan
Thanks for your diligence my bruvuh. Without it we'd all be on the lower level's of the Inferno. Wish I were around to help out.
Re: Vector died again. 2003-03-14 02:36:39
by s
thank you, Laird, a lot. your service is superb.
Re: Vector died again. 2003-03-14 09:10:01
by luuvmuffen
I owe You a sushi dinner, Thank mang.
Re: Vector died again. 2003-03-14 13:00:01
by lmbedore
On a side note, if any of you have an Intel BX chipset board that still works reliably, and would like to donate it to VectorStar, we would greatly appreciate it. Please email me if you have such a motherboard!
Re: Vector died again. 2003-03-17 19:54:34
by lmbedore
I have pulled all the critical old data off of Vector. The new RAID card (3ware Escalade 7500-8, for those who give a damn) is in the box (cabling is a TIGHT fit, cause our case is SOO long) and the arrays are currently building.

I've already built the custom kernel for this RAID card and I'll be adding it to VectorStar's special Slackware ISO tonight, after I get a few more beers in me. :)